TribeTalk is a haven where women let down their hair, and connect with other genuine women traveling the same path through transparency.


We are 3 biological sisters - Trinetta Burrell - The Brainstormer, Santisha Walker - The Nurse Brandnista, Tiffany Hatton Image & Wardrobe. Our mission is to connect with women through transparency & create dialogue amongst the leader woman, entrepreneurial woman, & women in the community so they also can find their tribe and continue dialogue and support amongst one another - the same way we have support as sisters!


Our desire is for you to join arms with other genuine women traveling the same path & operating in true transparency to empower you to spread your wings & soar!


On our show, we discuss ALL things women! From being boss ladies, to relationships, to motherhood, health & wellness, fashion/style, and even our coins. #wegotyou




As a brainstormer, transformation coach, innovator and life renovator, I work with individuals seeking to transform their lives, careers and/or the world around them. 

My personal passion is to help others remove limitations in order to expand their capacity to the fullness, to help them make a conscious decision to live in faith, truth and knowledge in order to expand their capacity to the fullness. Together we work to cultivate awareness through intelligence and mindfulness. 

I seek to inspire and empower everyone around me by first helping them experience and embrace the gift to the world that they already are, help them discover the root cause of their choices in order to free them to make limitless ones, and to realize that although fear is ever present, with no risk there’s no reward. 

When I decided, made a choice, to remove the negativity and limiting influences on my mind, body and spirit, I was able too confidently move forward and step into the unknown.

I’m looking forward to interacting with you through 
TribeTalk Radio Show and sharing my personal journey through transparency. I’ve learned that being underestimated has provided me the platform to help others transform & be innovative in their own right.


This 35 year old woman you see today is one I can be unapologetically proud of! I made an intentional choice 10 years ago to become a “player” in the “game” of life and no longer a spectator. Blossoming from once a shy girl to one who has found her voice, I refuse to allow any label to box me in based on others perspective of what I should be. I enjoy being free - Who doesn’t, right?!?

I confidently operate in my freedom & it feels amazing! Do I have it all figured out? Absolutely not! But what I have come to learn is life is gonna do what it do - it keeps going - and we can either get into the game of life and play it to our best ability or sit on the side lines and witness others live out our dreams. 

Yes there are scary moments and I’ve been underestimated in MANY ways; however, I’ve chosen to not allow fear to grip & paralyzed me to where I’m no longer moving. Instead, I utilize being underestimated & “flying under the radar” as a season of personal development & growth. I then use those tools as the wind under my wing to soar in my particular passion, and not feel the need to compete with anyone while doing so. 

My greatest passion is inspiring others to their very best, and to serve as a resource and liaison to get them to their next level! I desire to see EVERYONE win in what they set out to do! #FACTS! Everything I do in life lines up with this purpose, and I look forward to witnessing you win!

If I could leave one practical life tip for my tribe, it would be advice I heard from Quincy Jones, “Learn to deal with the valleys. The hills will take care of themselves.” Once I focused on how to manage/deal with/get through my “low” moments (through prayer, help from The Most High, self-care & reaching out to my inner-circle), I began to truly live my best life. I look forward to soaring with you! Let’s do this ladies!


Full time woman committed to everyone and everything that I’m passionate about and responsible for. My heart for transparency creates a pathway to freedom. And my desire to beautify and uplift creates an open door for broken hearts and open wounds to heal. 

I promised myself this: If I ever get my mind right and my heart focused, I’d fight for all of those women out there who are still searching. Searching for peace, searching for passion, searching for purpose. 

As owner of 
Tiffany Hatton Image & Wardrobe, I utilize styling as my gateway to the deeper more fulfilling work of advocating for inner beauty. Wardrobe Editing is a very intimate space for me as I get to dive into not only closets but also the hearts and minds of women who on the surface are seeking to look beautiful. As we create beautiful works of art on the outer body canvas, I seek to beautify the inner woman through her thoughts and perceptions of herself. 

My ‘Journey To Beautiful’ movement is an all encompassing commitment to assist women in loving themselves and valuing TRUE BEAUTY which can only be achieved by starting from within. I too am still on my journey however, I’ve found peace in knowing that there are many of us who are ok with admitting that beauty is a process and it’s one worth enduring. 

To My Tribe I’d Like To Say:
‘Journey on beautiful. Embrace your real. Learn from your past. Rejoice in your future and love your freedom!’


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